Solitary Tango


Solitary Tango (2019) is a collection of travel stories about various episodes that a solo female traveller can meet with on her journeys. The stories cover a long period af time in the narrator’s life kept together by the solo female traveller, who is seen as a strange bird in the landscape. The tango is a repeated theme in the book.


I thoroughly enjoyed being taken along for the ride with you!  I hadn’t a clue as to your many adventures but I truly felt as if I was right there with you.  Congratulations on your success.” (Elena Goldfeder, Rochester, N.Y.)

“A very pleasant reading with many fine details and observations. The atmosphere is light in the best sense of the word.” (Helle Merethe Brix, Danish author and journalist)

“I received your book and read it at one sitting. It is intelligent, entertaining and charming. I couldn’t imagine that you had written so much about my country! I was nearly dying of laughter when reading about your adventures and misfortunes. (Ana María Shua, Argentine author).


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Solitary Tango